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~*All About Me....*~

~*Everything you wanted to know about me&More......*~

~*Hey pplz...On this page i will introduce myself and tell you what i like,What i like to do,My fav things.ECT..So shall we get started?K...Here goes nothing......
Hola...My name is Kelly,I live in Palm Desert,California.
Iam 12 years old.My B-Day is Septemember 28th 1988.I'am in the 7th grade&I go to LQMS.

~*My Angel*~

~*Kelly's Fav Things*~
~*Fav Color:Blue*~
~*Fav T.V Show:Dawsons Creek&Gilmore Girls*~
~*Fav Movie:Coyote Ugly&Josie&The Pussy Cats*~
~*Fav Band:BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!!!*~
~*Fav Member of BSB:Nick Carter*~
~*Fav Fast Food:Burger King*~
Fav Quote: ~*Its A Girls World Boys Just Live In It*~